Parkinsingers Spring 2019 Concert

Parkinsingers Spring 2019 Concert


New Brio Singers Launching in Bucks County in 2019

Join us! Open to all with movement disorders, care partners and friends. No fee to participate. No auditions. No experience needed.

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To strengthen our voices, to experience the joy of group singing, to build our own resilience, to inspire others. 


Our Beginning

Founded in 2015, the Parkinsingers Choir unites people with PD, care-partners, and friends in a community dedicated to making music of the highest quality in a welcoming environment.  Our choir engages people of all musical levels and abilities to sing out freely, in a spirit of acceptance and mutual support.  Our mission is to serve the entire Delaware Valley as an example of how participating in a choir can enable people to live well with Parkinson's Disease.


We offer annual concerts and outreach performances to communicate with an audience and engage them in singing with us in an informal atmosphere.

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting in the audience during a Parkinsingers concert. I found myself transformed by the vibrant spirit and camaraderie of this remarkable group of people. As I left, I was still humming, and thinking about the benefits and support this group offers to the participants, and grateful listeners.
— Lee Pugh, Philadelphia

Our Vision

We aim to continue to learn from neuroscience research and to develop the best possible rehearsal and performance practices.  Our vision is to make choral singing available to all with Parkinsons, including at-home participation via telecommunications, and to help build a network of choirs that enhance wellness.